Our services as a differential value in the market

In an increasingly changing world, we offer different solutions to our clients to be able to accompany them in their digital transformation process, without losing the essence that characterizes us and innovating and adapting our solutions to current needs

Our Evolf, a Merkle solution, Methodology

At Evolf, a Merkle solution, we work to boost the growth of our clients with contrasted solutions based on Salesforce Clouds, thanks to a large team of more than 90 certified professionals who allow us to innovate and improve day by day

Our experience of more than 10 years in the digital ecosystem allows us to generate differential value propositions for our clients, taking advantage of the capabilities offered by the world's number 1 CRM such as Salesforce in sales processes, customer service or recruitment and marketing campaigns. Thanks to the constant evolution of Salesforce to adapt to the needs of the market, combined with our experience with the different clients we work with, we will be able to complete the digital transformation of any client that needs it

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At Evolf, we have created a method we call “Humanizing Digital Transformation” which consists of going hand in hand with our clients, working as a single team and guiding them through the entire process from analysis to adoption. To do this, as the team that we are, you will help us to know every detail of your business, your processes, your needs, your systems... and once we know EVERYTHING (in the literal sense of the word) our machinery starts to work...

Our team will proactively lead and organize the entire transformation process step by step. We do not want your company to lose its essence, we know that the step is not easy and therefore we will help you take advantage of this moment to enhance and scale your business to the highest level.

Simplifying and accelerating your daily operations is one of our “MUST”. For this reason, we focus on connecting in a fluid and direct way all your systems without information silos and we focus 100% on the quality of your data. We enjoy helping you to achieve a correct visualization of the information in the same environment, simplifying and accelerating the connectivity between your platforms.

At Evolf, a Merkle solution, we have extensive experience in integrations between Salesforce and a large number of market leading systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Talkdesk, AWS and many other lesser known systems. Our team will always look for ways to make it happen, so we are...

In the hyperconnected world in which we live, customers demand immediacy and to have all possible contact channels available at all times, regardless of the place, channel or means of communication used. At Evolf, a Merkle solution, we work to offer our clients the best tools to enhance this communication, whether commercial or customer service.

Conversational applications designed for each use case, configuration and integration of chatbots that allow us to give an adequate and immediate response to our customers, intelligent call flows that respond appropriately depending on the requests made, new channels that bring us closer to people such as video assistance... your imagination is the limit.

At Evolf, a Merkle solution, we have a highly skilled team of BI consultants and data engineers to help you transform and exploit your company's information at all levels.

We want you to fully exploit the “Power of Data” and for this we work with the most powerful tools on the market such as Tableau, CRM Analytics or Power BI that will make your information stop being isolated and take a sense that drives the way to direct the strategy of your business.

After an implementation, it is necessary to ensure that your entire organization gets the most out of its use. This is achieved with a perfect alignment between people, processes and technology, all promoted by our “Training” and “Adoption” plans focused on your business processes.

Our experience tells us that the most important thing for a successful adoption is the people, the human component. Not all profiles in companies are digital natives. Therefore, our mission from the beginning of the project is to detect, train and explain the benefits that technology brings us in our daily lives in a close and collaborative way.

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